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MVA Tower

May 29th, 2009

Cleaning & Painting of 130-foot Radio antenna at MVA Glen Burnie, MD Brawner Contractors.

Raj Alam - 410-863-4875

Eastwood was contacted for a fast track project that was to clean and paint the 130 radio tower. This showed the ability of Eastwood to complete a project within a small window of time that was within two days.

Safety was an issue not just due to height but also due to the tower being operational and integrating the Lock out tag out process.

MVA Tower Project MVA Tower Project

I95 Barrier Cleanup


Cleaning & painting of concrete walls along I-95 - Baltimore City, MD General Contractor - S&T Painting

Steve Tzanakis 410-357-4911

Powerwashing and painting of barrier concrete walls. Eastwood served as the minority painting contractor for a segment of this SHA project. We were contracted to paint 627,925 feet of concrete walls on I-95 at various locations. Due to the logistics of traffic, specific maintenance plans as well as mobilization of equipment had to be managed to ensure the safety of the crew and the public.

Eastwood was able to accomplish all aspects of this projects successfully as well as provide the Owner an excellent finish on all surfaces as well as completing the project on time.

I95 Barrier Project I95 Barrier Project
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