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Baltimore County


Baltimore County Public Schools interior painting of Wellwood Elementary.

Larry Goines - 410-887-6300

Eastwood was contracted to paint this school in 2002. This work included walls, accoustical ceilings, doors, frames and gyms as well as offices and multi-media center.

This project was completed on time, and to the satisfaction of the owner.

Baltimore County Project Baltimore County Project

Baltimore Firehouse


Repainting the Baltimore Historic Fire Museum owner Baltimore City

Richard Nelson - 410-396-4434

This Project Called for the cleaning and painting of the metal cornice, windows, columns, and all of the decorative details. This was an exciting project for Eastwood in 2002 that presented many challenges, with the height of the Tower amounting to 104 feet high.

Traffic maintenance was also an issue since it is located on a busy main street in the City. Eastwood prides itself with a comprehensive safety program that enables us to protect our workers while completing such jobs. This profitable project was completed on time, without incident and without any negative impact to the area due to its busy location.

Baltimore Firehouse Project Baltimore Firehouse Project

Prince Georges Schools


Interior/exterior painting of various Prince Georges County Schools.

Lenny Haskins - 301-952-7832

Eastwood has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Prince George's County Public Schools, and maintain an open arrangement based on our ability to prequalify with the County, demonstrating our capacity to comply with specifications and is judged by past performance. Some of these projects have included:

» Ridgecrest Elem.
» Matthew Henson Elem.
» Concord Elem.
» Central High School Interior

Eastwood still maintains this relationship, and continue to bid work for them.

Prince George Project Prince Georges Project

Anne Arundel Schools


Interior/exterior painting of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Randy Cullers - 410-255-4566

Eastwood has been involved with painting projects at various locations for Anne Arundel Co. Schools for many years and continues to work for the AAPCS on a yearly basis.

The painting projects for the past 5 years have included:

» Old Mill Complex
» Brock Bridge Elementary
» Brooklyn Park Elementary
» Broadneck Elementary

This small sampling of painting projects have also included painting of lockers, gyms and classrooms. The exterior projects have included all areas as specified by the individual contracts.

Ann Arundel Project Anne Arundel Project
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