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MD Highway Administration

January 10th, 2008

Forrester Construction CO. 12231 Parklawn Drive Rockville MD.

Reseva White - 240-375-6647

Maryland State Highway Administration OMT Consolidated Lab & OOC Facility Project N0. AT6155129 Hanover Maryland. This project required the use of specialty coatings as areas of this project included the coating of the Labs and Testing Facility where attention to detail to insure thickness & adhesion was a must.

This project also included the coating of two floors of office space as well as public areas. As this was a fast track project, the challenge of working with other trades bolstered Eastwoods ability to move quickly without a sacrifice in quality. We are proud of the success of this project and forming a lasting relationship with Forrester Contruction Co.

State Highway Project State Highway Project

BWI International Airport


Powerwashing/water reclaimation of hourly garage - BWI General Contractor - Southway Builders.

Ian Barnes - 410-332-4134
Kris Carter - 410-850-5816 MES

Specialty environmen-friendly was taken by Eastwood to accomplish work needed by BWI in 2005. Eastwood was called upon as MBE to clean floor surfaces at the hourly garage within BWI. Due to EPA restraints, no water from the cleaning could enter the drainage system. In response, Eastwood designed a series of containments new technology in order to satisfy the restraints, as well as a cleaning & filtering system so that it exceeded the parameters of disposable water. Entering a partnership with Maryland Environmental Services, Eastwood was able to contain, clean and remove the waste water that was far beyond the scope of the project.

BWI Airport Project BWI Airport Project

Market Center Building


Market Center West - Baltimore, MD General Contractor Hitt Contracting in 2005.

John Strawbridge 703-928-2541

Eastwood was contracted to paint this 14 story building which consisted of residential as well as commercial interiors. Eastwood served as the MBE on this project, with the 14-story building consisting of 221 apartments and commercial spaces.

This project was challenging in that it was on a fast track time table, with Eastwood's working and coordinating with other businesses and trades in meeting an extremely tight schedule. The building was contracted for a 25-week schedule, but was finished within 18 weeks, with exterior work on the top floors also being completed. This project aptly demonstrates Eastwood's resource and managerial abilities without sacrificing quality.

Market Center Project Market Center Project

Ravens Stadium


Ravens Stadium - M&T Bank Stadium, MD Stadium Authority.

John Sanoryk - 410-233-1560
Frank Dietz - 410-230-8008

Painting of various areas throughout the stadium facility. Eastwood was contracted to paint various areas of the stadium. These areas were:

» The Upper Concourse
» The Lower Concourse
» Public stairways
» Repainting the lower level using team colors.

Eastwood looks foward to continue our relationship with the Ravens on an on-call basis throughout the 2008 season.

Ravens Stadium Project Ravens Stadium Project

Sandtown Project


Sandtown - Winchester Square General Contractor - Struever Bros, Eccles & Rouse, Inc.

Adam Benson - 443-573-4050

The Sandtown-Winchester Square project was part of a broader revitalization of this historic area. Eastwood entered into a contractual relationship with Struever Bros, Eccles & Rouse, Inc. who served as the General Contractor on this phase of the revitalization of this area.

Eastwood completed a total of 134 townhouses of different sizes which included the caulking & painting of the interior and exterior surfaces of these homes. Here we learned the value of trade coordination which really launched Eastwood's ability to handle residential painting on a commercial type schedule and scale.

Sandtown Project Sandtown Project

Camden Yards Stadium


Camden Yards - Oriole Park Maryland Stadium Authority

Ken Lecompte - 410-576-0300

Eastwood was proud to serve as a MBE coatings contractor for the following areas:

» Recoating of Railings
» Painting of the Lower Concourse
» Cleaning & Painting of Centerfield wall
» Painting of Dugouts, bullpens, ramps
» Painting of Club Levels

These concurrent projects has allowed Eastwood to demonstrate our committment to quality control as this facility is of particular pride to Baltimore. We maintain a good working relationship with this facility and are hopeful for future projects.

State Highway Project State Highway Project

Firestone Stations


General Contractor: New Image General Construction, Inc.

"Duke" 724-667-1062
Duke 724-667-7062

Interior/Exterior painting of Firestone stations at various locations throughout Maryland & Virginia 2005 Eastwood was contracted by New Image who was the General Contractor for this project. The scope of this project was to clean, prep and paint the interior and exterior of newly renovated stations.

This work had to be done during off business hours and on a fast track schedule so as not to interfere with the hours of operation. We are pleased to have established this new business relationship with New Image and hope to work with them again soon.

BWI Airport Project BWI Airport Project
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